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Donation contribution - Media release

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings Female employees contribute own money to purchase re-useable sanitary pads for school girls

Published on: 25 June 2020

100 girls ranging in ages 12 -18 at the Okamwandi Combined School in Henties Bay can now confidently attend school during their menstruation cycle, thanks to the initiative of female employees at Walvis Bay Salt Holdings.

As part of the company’s Women’s Day celebrations earlier this year, female employees pledged N$200 of their own money to be used towards the purchase of re-usable sanitary pads for underprivileged schoolgirls. The money raised by the employees was matched by the company and 100 washable sanitary pads and panties were purchased. It was decided to make the donation to the girls of the Okamwandi Combined School in Henties Bay. The school is the only public school in Henties Bay and accommodates nearly 1300 learners in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The initiative was spurred by the fact that research has confirmed the negative effects of poor menstrual health management on a girl’s education.  The lack of access to sanitary wear and adequate sanitation facilities can affect a girl’s attendance at school by 25% per year. 

The company’s current theme and focus in terms of its CSI initiatives is the “Namibian child.”

“Management always consider the impact and sustainability of its corporate social investment initiatives.  Unfortunately, the reality is still, that girls in our society suffer inequities and discrimination, due to the mere fact of the gender roles ascribed by society.  So, it is imperative on us that we ensure girls are not further deprived of valuable lesson time, by something so common, as a menstrual cycle.  This small contribution; has opened the dialogue with the school management on other avenues where we as a company and as individual employees can empower our Namibian girls”, explained HR Manager Brumilda Britz of Walvis Bay Salt Holdings. She added that this is a project that the company would like to repeat every year.  

The product purchased is a patented design where the washable, reusable sanitary pad clips directly onto a 100% cotton panty.  The products can last a girl from 3 to 5 years. The pads are eco-friendly, contain no chemicals or gels, are washable and reusable.  The pad is made up of 6 layers of fabric, the outer being the 100% cotton knit, water proofing, 3 layers of hydrophilic fabric and then the inner is a hydrophobic fabric.

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings (WBSH) female employees address some girls from Okamwandi Combined School in Henties Bay, explaining to them how to use the washable sanitary pads and panties. From left to right is Lydia Akawa, WBSH HR Assistant, Brumilda Britz, WBSH HR Manager, Marinda van Wyk, WBSH Executive Assistant and School Principal Mrs Dalina Sabtha.
These girls at the Okamwandi Combined School in Henties Bay can now confidently attend school during their menstruation cycle after receiving washable sanitary pads and panties purchased through money raised by the female employees of Walvis Bay Salt Holdings (WBSH). WBSH HR Manager Brumilda Britz (right) officially hands over a sample of the product to School Principal Mrs Dalina Sabtha (left).
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